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The SanDisk Sansa Fuze 8 GB Video MP3 Player Is

… An Excellent Product And What We Will Be Looking At Here

Most individuals want or have an mp3 player, but they also want one that has a good memory plus the ability to play video. These devices are so popular mainly because they are so small and can be taken with you just about everywhere you go. The only trouble is that most of the popular players including iPod, charge a lot of money that people are not willing to spend. Which is the reason we wished to let men and women know that there are less expensive alternatives like the SanDisk Sansa Fuze 8 GB Video MP3 Player.

This unit has 8 GB of internal storage space which is really a good size memory for this kind of unit. The 8 GB iPod nano which doesn’t even have the option of playing videos can wind up costing you almost two times of what you would have to spend for this device. And as many individuals are always looking for something smaller you will find that this unit is smaller than a charge card and as thin as a pencil. And unlike various other mp3 players currently available, you can also use this unit to listen to your favorite FM radio stations.

Good Computer System Sound System

In this section we’re going to be taking a look at the video option related with this unit. If you find you have time on your hands each day but you are not near a TV you will still have the capacity to save 5 hours of TV or movies on this tiny unit. And if you feel that 5 hours is not sufficient, you will actually be able to expand the memory of the unit by adding a memory card, this will enable you to double the video you can save. And so even if you’re on a really long trip you will have plenty of movies to keep you occupied.

Most likely you will be getting this device so you can keep your music with you all the time. You will find that with the internal memory, you’ll be able to record up to 2,000 songs, which is definitely rather impressive. Of course if you get a memory card it is possible to save 4,000 or more songs, depending on the size of the memory card you get. 2,000 songs really works out to about 6,000 minutes of tunes which in turn also equals out to about a hundred hours of music from the built in memory.

In case you wanted to you could save 45% off the list price of this device by just buying it from Amazon. The actual charge after the discount that Amazon gives you is $78.91, which means you are saving more than $65. For people who feel that you need to increase the actual memory, you can also purchase a memory card from Amazon at the same time. So if your wanting to save money but still get hold of a good quality mp3 player that will additionally play videos, the SanDisk Sansa Fuze 8 GB Video MP3 Player could be a very good choice.